How to Clean the Windows Effectively


We all know that all year round, both inside and outside of the home windows, dirt, dust and other dirt accumulate that blur the view. Over time, all this dirt accumulates and forms layers that not only prevent us from seeing but also spoil the appearance of our homes. In this article, we have prepared some proven practices and tips to help clean your windows much easier and more efficiently.


Windows cleaning is one of the most unpleasant and annoying tasks for every housewife. The reason for this is that glass surfaces get too easily smudged, but cleaning them is difficult and often the results are not impressive. That’s why we offer you some tips that will help you fight off dirt more easily and efficiently, and get perfectly clean and shiny glasses.

Appropriate time for cleaning

As strange as it sounds, the best time to wash windows is cloudy. Perhaps it seems odd that we advise you to take action under these weather conditions, but behind this advice stand solid arguments. The reason lies in the fact that the strong sun causes the glass to dry faster and so there can be traces of water or detergent.


When you clean the window, the detergent goes down. The washing direction must always be from the top of the window down to remove the drops from the previous movement and so until they disappear.

Good detergent

It is completely wrong to think that in order to clean a good glass surface, you must necessarily have an expensive detergent. In fact, you can make a good cleaning fluid even at home.

For easier window cleaning, you can make a 1: 1 solution of warm water and apple vinegar, and the liquid can be poured into an old bottle of a cleaned pump with a pump. It is only necessary to shake well and then spray the glass.


Another very effective tool for window cleaning is the mixture of soda bicarbonate, salt, and water. To prepare this solution, put three tablespoons of salt and the same amount of soda in three teaspoons of warm water.


According to some housewives, the windows are again clean and shiny if a little detergent is added to the washing water. The same job would make even your toothpaste.

Wipe the windows

No matter how powerful your detergent is, the incorrect wiping of the glass may make your whole job useless. Here comes the microfiber cloth. It must necessarily be clean and dry, otherwise, you risk blurring your windows again.

Wiping the washed window with napkins or newspapers usually results in satisfactory results. It is necessary first to spray the window with detergent, then clean it with a cloth. Finally, wipe with the paper. You will be surprised by the perfect cleanness and shine of your previously dirty windows.

And last but not least – be careful when cleaning your windows. If you use stems or a chair on which to step, make sure they are firmly attached. Beware of axles and their nests, which are often found around the house windows.

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